SVI 2600

Entry level intermittent motion machine

First step into packaging automation

The SVI 2600 is ideal for mid-speed, standard bag styles; such as pillow, gusseted and block-bottom bags. It can package a wide range of products including snacks, grains, confectionery, pet food, cereal, pasta and non-foods.

It easily integrates with various dosing devices including check weighers, augers and cup fillers, as well as down-stream secondary packaging equipment.

The SVI 2600 produces pillow, gusseted and stand up bags.



Width: 60 - 260 mm (2.4 - 10.2")

Length: 100 - 400 mm (3.9 - 15,7")

SVI 2600

High quality

Syntegon quality now available in an entry level bagger.

Reliable operation

Reliable, high efficiency operation guaranteed by a number of the same Syntegon technologies found on higher-end baggers.

Operator friendly

Operator friendly design reduces set-up and changeover times

Entry-level system solution

The efficient powder packaging solution for producers taking their first step into automation or looking to test new markets