SVE 3620 LR

Basic continuous motion machine (width up to 360mm)

Basic continuous motion machine for a wide range of conditions

The SVE 3620 LR is a continuous motion bagger designed for efficient packaging in large bags at high speeds.

Using corrosion-proof materials, the machine is ideal for a wide range of products. Even for packaging in cold and moist environments, and products with high requirements on cleaning.





Width: 60 - 360 mm (2.4 - 14.2")
PE: 60 - 380 mm (2.4 - 15")

Length: 60 - 700 mm (2.4 - 27.6")

SVE 3620 LR

Continuous motion

The continuous motion of the machine ensures a high speed with and output of up to 200 pillow bags per minute.

Corrosion proof design

Corrosion-proof design making it also suitable for packaging fresh and frozen products in according environments.

High quality

Syntegon controls enable high-quality and efficient production

Large bag width

You have the flexibility to run small to large bags with a width of up to 380mm on a single machine.