SVE 3220 DZ

Flexible machine with Doy Zip bags up to 320mm in height

Stand out on the shelve and boost consumer loyalty with convenient resealable packaging

Being able to quickly respond to changing market demands is vital.
The SVE 3220 DZ gives you the flexibility of running the most popular bag styles on the fastest Doy Zip bagger in the market. And compared to the SVE 2520 DZ it gives you even more bag size flexibility with Doy Zip bags up to 320mm in stand up height.

Due to its high quality, attractive shape and glossy finish, stand up Doy Zip packages stand out at the point-of-sale.

Its integrated zipper makes the bag reclosable, keeping products fresher and easy to access.






Width: 60 - 320 mm (2.4 - 12.6")

Length: 60 -700 mm (2.4 - 27.6")

SVE 3220 DZ

SVE 3220 DZ

High quality

Straight-edged lines and airtight seals, including those around the zipper ensure the Doy Zip packaging achieves the same quality as bags produced on horizontal machines.


Produce up to 100 Doy Zip bags per minute with Syntegon's SVE 3220 DZ - the fastest vertical Doy Zip bagger on the market.

Small footprint

At just over 6 square metres, it requires up to three times less space than horizontal machines, allowing you to maximize your production floor.

Flexible system solution

Enhance flexibility and increase productivity with the nuts system solution that enables you to future-proof your production, while meeting the challenges of today.

Shelf differentation system solution

Excite consumers and retailers with the shelf-ready wrap-around case for nuts, featuring an easy peel-away section at the top of each case, making your products stand out from the crowd – instantly.