SVE 2520 WR

Continuous machine with high bag style flexibility (width up to 250mm)

The flexibility you are looking for

The SVE 2520 WR is a continuous motion vertical bagger designed for highly flexible packaging at high speeds.

Due to its patented corner-seal module the machine’s height remains unchanged and allows for quick adaption to new production requirements.






Width: 60 - 250 mm (2.4 - 9.8")

Length: 60 -700 mm (2.4 - 27.6")

SVE 2520 WR

Continuous motion

The continuous motion of the machine ensures a high speed with and output of up to 200 pillow bags per minute.


You have the flexibility to run bags with a width of up to 250mm and the versatility of bag styles, including corner-seal and doy-style bags.

Corner sealing

Patented corner sealing does not increase machine height.

SVE 2520 WR

The SVE 2520 WR bagger is not a part of a system solution.