SVE 1820 MR

Continuous twin-tube machine with maximum output per square meter

Maximize the output of your floor space

The SVE 1820 MR is a twin-tube continuous motion vertical bagger designed for an optimal output per square meter.

With up to 400 bags per minute your reach the output of two baggers on the footprint of one machine. It's special twin-tube concept allows for bags with a width of up to 180 mm.





Width: 60 - 180 mm (2.4 - 7.1")

Length: 60 - 700 mm (2.4 - 27.5")

SVE 1820 MR


Continuous motion with output up to 400 bags per minute

Small footprint

The twin-tube concept makes it possible to double your output per square meter within the floorspace of one vertical bagger.

High quality

Syntegon controls enable high-quality and efficient production.

Large bag width

Bag width of up to 180 mm

Efficient system solution

Boost efficiency of your production with up to 500 pillow bags per minute accurately positioned in cases by the vision-guided Paloma Top Loader