SVC 4020

Operator friendly continuous machine with a hygienic design

Operator friendly and hygienic design

Syntegon’s SVC series is your perfect partner for meeting worldwide food safety regulations. In addition, its open machine design and tool-less changeovers make it both easy to operate and clean.

To help food manufacturers meet regulatory requirements and customer needs, Syntegon has designed its state-of-the-art SVC vertical packaging platform, providing high hygiene levels. The SVC bagger is ideal for free-flowing goods, such as powders, proteins, chicken, fresh and frozen products.



60 - 400 mm (2.4 - 16")

Length: 60 -700 mm (2.4 - 27.5")

SVC 4020


Increase uptime and get your product to the market faster thanks to the easy set up, tool-less changeovers and open ergonomic design.


Optimize your investment with a customized solution. Bag style flexibility, bag widths up to 400 mm and a wide range of sealing technologies is now available to you.


Meet today's hygiene regulations and tomorrow's requirements with multiple cleaning methods from the SVC series.

High-hygiene system solution

The hygienic powder packaging solution is specially designed for customers dealing with more sensitive or specialized products. Future-proof your process in line with the latest food safety regulation standards