Woodman P3C

Reliable continuous motion snacks machine

Reliable snack packaging

The P3c “Universal Bagmaker” provides ease of use, high speed, and package size flexibility to applications including: potato chips, tortilla chips, corn chips, pretzels, snack crackers, popcorn and all other salted snacks.

Producing a wide range of bag sizes with consistent performance throughout the range, thanks to servo motion controls and auto program setup.

The P3c offers a variety of bag style options, including block bottom bags, perforated bag string, promotional strip, notching and hole punching. They feature KW’s most advanced servo motion control of the film pull belts, end-seal jaws and stripping, for quieter, smoother and faster operation than ever before.

Potato chips


Width: 63 - 305 mm (2.5 - 12.0")
54 mm (2.12") available at extra charge

Length: 76 - 559 mm (3.0 - 22.0")

Woodman P3C Bagmaker HD Teaser


Speeds up to 100/120 bpm

Open design

The open design allows for maximum access to easily and fast perform maintenance

Operator friendly

Easy-to-use Insight® touchscreen HMI

Reliable system solution

Backed by over 60 years of industry experience, this cost-effective reliable system solution from Woodman is configured for efficient salted snack packaging, specifically potato chips, extruded snacks and tortillas