Let your bagger make money for you

Trade In #TradeUp With Syntegon!

Trade In #TradeUp With Syntegon!

Do you have an outdated fleet of VFFS baggers? If so, this is the time to take advantage of the Syntegon Trade In-Trade up opportunity! For a limited time we are offering trade in credit on VFFS machines towards the purchase of a new Syntegon bagger.

Current events have aimed a spotlight at the hygienic standards of the food industry. This is time to #tradeup to the unparalleled cleanablity of the SVC 4020 series of machines.

Or, perhaps take advantage of this #tradeup to gain the capability of producing up to 9 different bag styles on one of our SVE DZ machines.

Does a reduction in uptime from your packaging line have you down? Act now to convert your unreliable assets to the global standard in reliability with our SVE 2520 and SVE 3620 series of machines.

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