Six questions to ask yourself while selecting a packaging solution for your nuts brand

The popularity of nuts as a go-to snack is increasing fast, due primarily to the associated health benefits. According to a report published by Transparency Market Research, the global nuts market will rise by 10 percent by 2021 [1], with exotic nuts among the fastest growing market segments. With 70 percent of consumer buying decisions taking place in-store, the importance of enhancing shelf appeal should not be underestimated.

Whether you’re a high-growth business or a large enterprise, selecting a new packaging line or solution is something that often requires compromise due to the amount of parties involved and their differing of opinion.

In today’s age, we have to address more preferences than ever before. Site managers are concerned about floor space, while the production department dreams of a single solution that can do it all approach. Marketers, on the other hand, demand innovative, eye-catching design and attractive packaging shapes, while procurement may see price of material as the priority.

It’s therefore important that suppliers of system solutions for the nuts industry can tick all of the above boxes, and bring all of those aforementioned opinions together to reach the same conclusion. We put together a list of questions to discuss with your team when selecting a packaging solution for your next big star launch:

1) How would you like your product to be displayed at the point of sale?

As mentioned above, a lot of consumers make up their mind when faced with the product on the shelf. How do you picture the initial interaction between your brand and your target audience? Would you like your brand to be hanging next to the counter or in a standalone shelving unit? Laying on the shelf or standing upright? You can also consider using shelf-ready cases, allowing for more space for marketing information and brand messaging. Check out this system solution with the shelf-ready wrap-around case for nuts: an easy peel-away section at the top of each case makes your products stand out from the crowd, even in a busy supermarket.

2) What is your brand positioning – high end or mass market?

Do you see your brand as an everyday healthy snack? Or an innovative, organic and unique treat? Whatever the choice is, the pack should clearly reflect it. Compact and flexible, pillow bags are traditionally seen as a cost-effective and practical packaging method for nuts – making them ideal for snacking, or party food. For more luxurious brands, why not try the Doy style bags? The Doy bag pumps life into brands with its stand-up look, unique shape and glossy surface. It also features a full front and back print area for striking graphics that help you connect to your customer. It’s easy to see why Doy bags win consumer hearts and conquer more and more supermarket shelves globally each year.

3) Should you consider a recloseable feature?

Depending on bag sizes or convenience, you may need a single portion pack or family pack, what’s important is that the option is there. A single portion needs to be easy opening and a small size for snacking on the move – making it perfect for lunch boxes.

Larger packs for family use, for example, also require the contents to be kept fresh so we can keep going back for more. What’s the most effective way to ensure freshness after multiple uses? There are multiple recloseable features you can try, such as Tesa® strip or a zipper. Doy Zip bags, for example, provide the perfect partner to keep your products fresher for longer. Strengthening your brand with its stand-up design, the bags are perfect for displaying your marketing messages.

4) Think about the future – will you run Christmas promotions? Will you require an additional pack style, or will you consider changing the pack style later in the product life cycle?

We are all used to new flavors, new colors and new products popping up throughout the year. Why limit yourself to one or two styles if you can have up to nine bag styles and various cases in both lay-flat and stand-up orientation – all on one packaging system solution? The variations are vast – see for yourself. With modern packaging equipment, you can future-proof your production and stop worrying about ever-changing consumer demands.

5) What is the output you need?

Think about the output you need not just for today, but also for tomorrow. There are plenty of solutions out there designed to produce a limited number of styles at a very high speed (we are talking about up to 500 pillow bags in up to 25 cases per minute) – and these might be an option for you.

However, if you consider running various pack styles, then you’ll need a slightly different approach. Syntegon, for example, has the fastest vertical Doy Zip bagger on the market, which also handles pillow, gusseted, block bottom, corner seal, full corner, 3-sided and doy. It delivers 50 percent higher output per square meter than horizontal equipment, delivering unapparalled bag style flexibility.

6) How much space do you have to spare?

All packaging equipment takes up floor space at your production site, but the less space the better. Asking this question during the selection process will help you understand the priorities and limitations with your packaging operation. Again, producing multiple bag and case styles on one system solution eliminates the need for two or more lines, making your site manager happy and maximizing productivity.

Working with a single-source solutions supplier can help you uncover space saving opportunities – a well-integrated system solution, for example, will introduce effective positioning of electric cabinets and streamlined production flow in your workspace, utilizing space and maximizing productivity.


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