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Syntegon, your global partner for vertical processing and packaging technology in the food industry.

Vertical bag production requires knowledge about the machine, skills to optimize the production process and the right attitude to produce sustainably.

Online learning in combination with hands-on training is a very strong and cost effective interactive learning method to increase knowledge, gain experience and learn how to use the machine in a more efficient way.

If effective production and quality is what you want, sign up for our online learning, accessible 24/7.

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A course with 5 online modules for the SVC packaging machines.

  • □ Introduction to the SVC 4020
  • □ Work in a safe environment
  • □ SVC machine layout at a glance
  • □ Explore the HMI 4.0
  • □ SVC format and product exchange

After successfully following online modules, operators will be able to operate the vertical bagger, enhance and identify operating efficiencies, and reduce downtime. A valuable investment for higher performance.

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