PHS 2.0

Our innovations are focused on improving your business, and creating vertical packaging solutions for a better and more sustainable world.

The Syntegon PHS 2.0 sealing system

Improve your Operational Equipment Effectiveness

OEE is the gold standard for improving your manufacturing productivity. The new Syntegon PHS 2.0 sealing system helps you to improve your Operational Equipment Effectiveness by increasing your packaging speed by up to 25%. This is achieved via two sided heating and no use of Teflon tape reducing the sealing time, and via reducing the cooling time.

Increase your machine uptime

As a line operator you want a smooth packaging process with as little machine down time as possible. The new Syntegon PHS 2.0 sealing system gives you the flexibility to run both Polyethylene films and Laminated materials without the need for a cross seal jaw changeover. This is now possible thanks to a sealing force increase from 2kN to 6kN, enabled by the servo driven sealing process.

Reduce plastic consumption

We all want to reduce our impact on the environment for current and future generations. With the new sealing system you are now able to take your sustainability efforts to the next level. By reducing the clamped film during the sealing process by 25% you are able to pack the same weight of product while saving up to 6.8% of film used per bag. In addition your top and bottom seals have a free skirt of just 2 mm.