Industry webinar series vertical packaging

Trends and solutions in the Snacks, Frozen food and Grated cheese industry

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Latest trends and innovations in vertical packaging

Tradeshow and business travels have been scares so far this year due to covid 19 and very uncertain for the remaining of the year. But this does not mean your interest in packaging solutions has stopped. Therefore we decided to bring the latest insights in vertical packaging machinery and materials to you online.

Each industry is unique and has its specific requirements from packaging equipment. Therefore we have separate dedicated industry webinars for Snacks, Frozen food and Grated cheese. For each industry you find below two available sessions.

From the comfort of your own chair you can attend our webinars where experts will explain to you and show you the latest innovations. In addition to the machinery innovations our experts will also elaborate more on the Services we offer as well as Sustainable solutions and development.And finally there is of course the possibility to ask questions.

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