The world of snack foods is changing and becoming more dynamic every day. Shifting consumer trends, regulations, and retailing demands are placing additional pressure on manufacturers to adapt and stay on top of current developments. Let Syntegon Packaging be your partner to help get the most out of your packaging lines.

Your Snacks sample package

A few of the leading trends in the industry are the drive towards recloseable bags, higher flexible output for existing facilities, and sustainable packaging solutions. Syntegon has industry leading solutions in for all of these challenges. Request your snacks sample package to experience the possibilities for your product.

Whitepaper: your flexible packaging guide for Snacks

Whether you want to make your product stand out on the shelf or provide maximum protection during transportation. Choosing the right partner can be challenging. That is why we put this guide together to help you find the ideal packaging solution for your product. Download the whitepaper now to learn all you need to know about vertical packaging in the snacks industry. And as an added bonus a checklist is included helping you find the right packaging solution for your snack product.

A better future awaits: talk to our sustainability experts

The topic of sustainability in the snacks industry is constantly evolving. Syntegon is a leader in sustainable packaging, working closely together with material leading material suppliers. Allow us to guide you on your journey to a more sustainable future. Get in contact with our sustainable expert to determine your next step.

Experience packaging solutions during an One-on-One consultation

Due to Covid-19 a physical In-house show is not possible now. Therefore we will bring the show to you. In addition to the Snacks webinar you can request a one-on-one session with one of our experts. During an One-on-One video consultation you can get all your questions answered by one of our experts. And of course you also have the opportunity to discuss a current or upcoming project you might have.

Webinar: let us pack while you snack

Learn from our experts how available vertical packaging solutions enable you to optimize your packaging process and anticipate trends in the Snacks industry. Going in depth on machine innovations and the benefits it brings to your packaging process. As well as developments in Sustainability, Services and Training possibilities. And of course you have the possibility to get your questions answered. Register for the upcoming Snacks webinars now!